You’re in a hurry, need to grab a quick bite for lunch, but don’t want unhealthy junk food. What should you choose?

Here are the top 4 quick lunch options to suit the busy person:

1. Salad Box and a roll. These days the definition of salad has changed beyond all recognition. Once, a salad meant a few bits of limp lettuce and a tired tomato, without so much as a grain of quinoa (pronounced ‘keenwhaaaa’) in sight. Now with a myriad of ingredients available at our fingertips, a composite salad can easily equal a hearty lunch. Choose avocado for extra minerals and wholegrains to keep you fuller for longer. Protein such as fish is particularly healthy at lunch-time, giving you the requisite energy to tackle the rest of the day, rather than fall into a carb induced slump mid-afternoon.

2. Stewpot. A one pot lunch solution, a stewpot is filling and nutritious. Vegan options work very well, with vegetarian Thai providing a delicious combination. Jamaican jerk chicken or Korean pork marry perfectly with root and green vegetables and various pulses such as chick peas. For followers of the 5:2 diet, all the ingredients are in one place, saving you from having to do the homework in a hurry.

3. Jacket potato. A firm favourite, the jacket spud is hugely versatile, from the cheddar cheese and baked bean staple, to classics like coronation chicken and chilli beef. Avoiding fried food at lunch enables more energy for the rest of the day, and this is where the jacket potato reigns supreme.

4. Sandwich. Tired, curling crusts, barely filled to the edge of the bread anyone? Thought not! Bespoke sandwiches are now de rigeur, with several choices of bread and fillings available for the discerning customer. A wholegrain baguette, Vienna roll, bagel or soft, white bap can be twinned with crisp lettuce, smoked salmon or freshly made egg mayonnaise. Opt for an English classic such as cheese and tomato, or cheddar and pickle, or go continental with a jambon beurre, or mozzarella, basil and tomato panini. The choice is infinite.

Choose wisely, and lunch needn’t be a junk food option or the same old same old, simply because you’re in a hurry.

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