Unable to nip to London or Cambridge of an evening, but keen to experience interesting, delicious restaurant quality food and drink choices? Look no further than your local pop-up bistro. Combining a chef expressly bought in to demonstrate their trained culinary skills and innovative menu pairings, the concept is a win win for the consumer.

Pop-up restaurants are essentially temporary food offerings and have been exploding all over the UK for the past ten years. For customers, the pop-up bistro offers local fine dining at a price that won’t break the bank. For budding chefs, they represent the opportunity to road-test their skills and innovative menus to a select audience, before widening their repertoire. Business owners on the other hand, get to showcase a unique dining experience in their premises, giving an airing to another side of their daytime offering, the ultimate side hustle.

Often the nights are themed according to a particular cuisine, or are carefully timed to offer seasonal favourites. This results in mouthwatering morsels such as Autumn themed pop-up bistros, offering tender braised venison and juniper berries in a red wine jus with chanterelle mushrooms and sautéed potatoes. Vegetarians can tuck into butternut, sage and hazelnut quiche. The drinks menu is equally carefully designed, often showcasing local craft beers, artisan spirits such as damson gin with a dash of prosecco and a choice of three good quality white or red wines. Set menus will offer a choice of two different starters and mains, plus three different desserts, in the same vein as the classic French ‘menu du jour’ with it’s seasonal dishes of the day.

Customers enjoy the combination of simplicity, quality, and good value dining. This cleverly avoids the dizzying need to choose from a menu featuring twelve different mains, none of which are stellar choices. As with all matters culinary, it’s the ingredients that are key: simple, high quality, fresh meals made from the heart. What’s not to like?

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